Proposed Changes to Full Time Nursery Places

Birmingham City Council's Early Years Childcare and Children's Centre Service currently makes available additional free full-time early education places for some 3 and 4 year old children before they fo into reception classes.

The additional full time places that Birmingham City Council currently provides are for children who meet certain eligibility criteria, which cover five key groups of children:

  1. Children who are vulnerable because of a safeguarding concern, such as children on a child protection plan
  2. Children with disabilities or additional needs
  3. Children in the early stages of language development
  4. Children who are vulnerable because of their parents’ situation, such as those with a parent in prison or with long-term illnesses
  5. Children who were funded full-time in the previous term.

Due to unprecentended budget pressures, the Council is therefore proposing to stop funding additional free full time early education places for the above listed groups from September 2017. 

This proposal means that the level of funded Early Education provision these children receive may be reduced from September 2017 to the level provided by Government funding. For children whose parents do not work, only 15 hours will be funded from September 2017. Children whose parents work will be able to access 30 hours funded Early Education provision per week as part of the government provision starting in September 2017. The funding for these places will however be provided by the Government rather than Birmingham City Council. 

We need your views on Birmingham City Council’s proposal to stop providing additional free full time Early Education places to 3 and 4 year olds who meet the criteria. Your views will be taken into full consideration when we finalise our plans which will go to Birmingham City Council Cabinet for approval in May 2017.

Please respond to the Consultation by clicking the link below;