Women's Aid Aston

Are you affected or have been affected by domestic violence, rape or sexual abuse?

Have you experienced or are you worried about forced marriage, honour based violence or female genital mutilation?

Are you a young woman who has experienced  violence or abuse in your relationship?

We are here to listen and help

Our counselling service specialises in addressing domestic and sexual abuse. 

Counselling is designed to help you to talk about and come to terms with the things that have been, or are, happening to you and your family.

You may never have told anyone about the abuse you have experienced. 

One-to-one therapeutic talking with a counsellor, who will listen with respect and without judgement, may help you talk about the abuse you have suffered and help you to move on in life

Appointments are every fortnight.

  • Mon 13th April 2015 from 10:00AM - 2:00PM 6 Ways Children's Centre, Albert Road, Aston, B6 5NH