What do Children, Parents and Carers say about Bloomsbury?

Listening to the voice of every child...

UNICEF Rights of the Child Article 12:
Every child has the right to be listened to and their voices valued.

Children are encouraged to communicate in different ways. This might be through gesture, action, body language and signing.

Things that children tell us they like...
  • Playing outside and physical challenges
  • Making things
  • Being with friends
  • Special visits and visitors

Kalthuma said, “Nursery is a beautiful place and I feel good at nursery. I come because I have to, my mom says but that’s ok, I like to come. I play in the middle room with the bricks and I build. I am in Tamar’s group and Miada is, and I play with her.”

Kaidan said, “Nursery is really wicked. I come to, I like to play with all my friends, playing Power Rangers.”

Things that children tell us they don't like...

“I don’t like going outside when it’s cold but I do when it’s sunny.”

“I like dinner time because I like the food. Pasta is my favourite, I don’t like chilli 'cos it’s too hot.”


Chilli ingredients by Lily, aged 4.

One onion, a can of chopped tomatoes, a can of kidnet beans and a green pepper!

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