Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision

Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision :  Click here to see See our Local Offer and SEND Policy 2017

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What can a parent expect of Bloomsbury if their child has special educational needs?

We want your child to feel safe and happy at nursery, so every child has a special person to support his or her needs. They will explain to you the ways in which we can help your child to learn and play and enjoy their time at nursery.


Good communication is the key to successful partnerships between home and school.

∙ Our staff will explain the processes that we need to follow to support your child, sharing information and asking for your views.

∙ We share information honestly and the door is always open for you to talk to any member of our team.

∙ Well involve you in any discussions about how professional people may be able to offer you support and we will always ask for your permission before we invite professionals into nursery.

∙ We monitor your child’s progress in nursery, discuss with you the progress you see at home and we make sure that you have copies of any assessments that we make. Then you will be invited to join us to make plans and set targets for your child’s learning.


As a school, we must have a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) who is able to arrange meetings, invite professionals into nursery, to support your child and to offer you any other support that you may need. Our SENCO ensures that all staff are aware of what your child needs to do to learn.


All staff who work with your child have the skills, knowledge and ability to provide the support your child needs.

We also have a SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability ) Team who work with each other, with you and with others to support your child.

Our team consists of:

Tamar Cohen (SENCO)

Carole Wilkinson (Teaching assistant with a responsibility for Speech and Language groups)

Tracey Grant - Teaching Assistant / SEND Support

 Hawah Haruna - SEND Support

Tina Cunnington - SEND Support

Jackie Gray -  SEND Support

Kirsty Jones - SEND Support

What we do…

We all work together to make adjustments to our provision which will support your child.

We work together with other professionals and agencies to provide ideas for activities, training and guidance for staff and support for parents and children. These are well qualified and professional people who help us offer the best opportunities to your child.

We are able to access the expertise of people who can help us all, people who visit us regularly and get to know the children and families.

Our Educational Psychologist (EP) , offers regular support to staff and parents. Stacey  can offer support for families through drop in sessions as well as opportunities for informal chats or meetings to talk about progress.

Our EP is able to make assessments and write reports about what your child can do, what he or she needs to do next and how can this be managed.



Help is always at hand.

Dependant on your child’s needs we may need to contact….

Speech and Language Therapist. If we feel your child needs to be seen by a Speech and Language Therapist we will ask your permission to refer them to the clinic where some ideas will be provided to improve speech.

Physiotherapists may be contacted for support if your child needs support to develop mobility.


There are organisations who can offer a wide range of support. We can direct you to the organisation that can help you.

We are a Nursery School and Children’s Centre with a Children and Families Team who can also offer support for your child and for you as a family.

The Communication and Autism (CAT) provide monthly drop in sessions for parents in the setting.

Working together to get the very best!

Usually your child can be supported effectively in mainstream Nursery where increased attention and support along with specific targets for their learning enable them to make good progress.

All teaching staff have access to training to understand what strategies and resources will help a child in nursery. Several members of staff have higher levels of training.

Medical needs will be supported by staff who are sensitive and caring.

Staff are trained annually to administer asthma medication in inhalers and how to use an Epipen for children who have severe allergies. Staff are also annually trained to support children who suffer from febrile convulsions and epilepsy. 

Medication is stored safely but on hand in case of emergencies.                                                                                                    Staff have experience of supporting children with complex medical conditions requiring tube feeding or oxygen.   


Learning opportunities.    

Learning opportunities are offered through high quality teaching by well qualified staff. When children need a little extra help we offer additional learning experiences in small groups which allow children to develop confidence and willingness to have a go. Sometimes children need a bit more support. When this happens we may need to ask professional people to help us to help your child. We are likely to use a range of strategies, such as visual timetables, now and next boards, simple signs and symbols and other resources to enhance learning. Staff also use Makaton linked to routines such as snack time.            



Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision