Discover Bloomsbury/Governing Body

Our History - A sense of place

Based in the heart of Birmingham Bloomsbury has grown out of a specific place & community for over 40 years.

We moved from Dartmouth Street to Bloomsbury Street in 1969 and evolved to being a Children's Centre in 2006 after extending our nursery to create places for children under three as a Neighbourhood Nursery in 2004. 

We continue to evolve as our history bequeaths to us the ideas, beliefs & practices that enable us to build our traditions and cherish our ideology.


We are proud of our origins and  celebrate our community....

Our top three achievements...

  1. Creating a high quality learning environment inside and outside which we reflect on, share, enjoy and learn together in. 
  2. Establishing quality provision for children under three years old and extending the range of Children's Centre  Services with the creativity of a very hard working, committed staff team and governing body
  3. Working  and learning in partnership with our local community