Equalities Plan

At Bloomsbury Nursery School and Children’s Centre each child and their family are valued as unique. Our philosophy and values underpin everything we do and impact on the community and children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This is because we believe that early education and the core purpose of the Children's Centre is largely about hope and justice; promoting equality of opportunity , creating an equitable society and transforming lives. 

In 2017/18 , we will continue our aim to nurture and build upon the natural energy, enthusiasm, curiosity and sense of humour of our children, through continuing to develop the quality of our provision of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, particularly through the themes ‘A Unique Child’ and ‘Positive Relationships’ and aspects of Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

  • Sharing celebrations, special events, festivals
  • Promoting and celebrating diversity and difference positively
  • Encouraging children to develop positive relationships
  • Strengthening positive impressions children have of their own cultures and faiths, and those of others
  • Encouraging children to talk about similarities and differences in their experiences
  • Supporting children, and adults, to unlearn discriminatory attitudes

Our priorities for 2017/2018 are outlined in our Development Plan, of which further embedding  the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award is an integral part. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is presently the most widely ratified international human rights instrument. It is the only international human rights treaty to include civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, and sets out in detail what every child needs to have a safe, happy and fulfilled childhood.

We achieved  the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award in 2016.   The Convention gives children and young people over 40 substantive rights. These include the right to:

  • Special protection measures and assistance
  • Access to services such as education and health care 
  • Develop their personalities, abilities and talents to the fullest potential 
  • Grow up in an environment of happiness, love and understanding 
  • Be informed about and participate in achieving their rights in an accessible and active manner.