Attendance and Routine

Attendance  is very important to us-We want to encourage you to bring your child to Nursery every day. We believe that routine is important for young children. Routine establishes so many aspects of healthy living, good habits and good behaviour. Routine gives children a sense of organisation, stability and comfort.

We monitor attendance weekly and follow up any unexplained absence with phone calls and home visits. Please bring your child every day and try to arrive and collect your child at the agreed times.

If you are experiencing particular difficulties bringing your child to nursery we want to help, please ask for support! 

If you are going to be late or your child is not going to be in for any reason please phone to let us know. Lateness can be distressing for your child and also unfairly disrupts the smooth running of the day.

Staying safe

We will ask you to let us know who can collect your child. Please let us know if someone different is going to collect your child.

We advise that anyone collecting your child should be over 16 years old.